About the Founders

Vineet Jain
Founder and CEO

Vineet has over 29 years of industrial bakery manufacturing experience. He has expertise in R&D, technical services, and bakery system operations. Vineet’s experience stretches from working on the floor to an executive level and everything in between. He is not hesitant to get his hands “dirty,” so to speak, when it comes to creating success! He has worked for companies such as Western Bakeries, and Bakerhaus, before starting Vision Food Innovations.
Vineet’s most significant professional achievement has been bringing his almost three decades' worth of baking experience to his company Vision and offering innovative plant based, vegan baked treats to the mainstream. He has successfully brought his delicious baked goods to market in record time, having just launched Vision in April 2020.Vineet founded Vision due to his passion for using his collective expertise to offer the community at large a tasty and nutritious plant based vegan treat while keeping society’s responsibility to the planet at the forefront.
Ashish has spent two decades working for top management consulting firms, including Deloitte, Accenture, and Price Water House Coopers. His education, experience andexpertise have focused on corporate strategy, technology development, marketing, and mergers and acquisitions. As a management consultant, Ashish has advised several large companies, for example, some of Canada’s largest banks, small and medium entrepreneurs, and pre-IPO companies, on strategy, focusing on the most successful path forward.
Ashish’s professional achievements include managing large teams to execute strategic directions for clients, thereby increasing market penetration, improving client margins, and customer retention. He has also successfully led critical strategic engagements and acted as a trusted advisor for businesses wanting to transform themselves, including AI, customer analytics, brand analytics, and customer journey transformations for a National FS AI leader at PwC.
Ashish is passionate about Vision Food Innovations, as he is motivated by disruptive technologies and innovations, including plant based products. In addition, the plant based market resonates with his vegetarian lifestyle. Ashish is committed to bringing affordable, nutritious and innovative plant based bakery products to mainstream consumers while fostering environmentally sustainable business models establishing a symbiotic relationship with nature. He understands very well the bottom line and wants to provide multiple returns for investors, customers, employees and stakeholders with ESG based investment.

Ashish Mehta
Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer

Manish Jain
Chief Financial Officer

Manish is a financial executive with vast experience in the financial and strategic planning space. He has provided professional and consulting services to many companies and has spent the majority of his career in the technology industry both in Canada and the U.S.
He is most proud of his success in analyzing growth alternatives and process improvement initiatives to improve returns. He is passionate about veganism and eating a plant based diet for the health and well-being of the planet and individuals. He is excited about bringing his expertise to the Vision Food Innovations team.