Shipping Policy

Which Products do you offer for shipping?

We offer Muffins and Cupcakes for delivery within GTA. Delivery Available outside GTA of Muffins Only.


What shipping options do you offer (overnight, standard, airmail, international, domestic only, etc.)

Dropshipping in GTA, Canada Post in Ontario.


How much each shipping method will cost the customer?

Shipping within GTA is $7, outside GTA is $11

How long each shipping method will typically take?

Shipping will be made usually in 3-4 days after the purchase


How long your handling time will be between when an order is placed and when it gets shipped?

5 days lead time

Any restrictions to where you can deliver (no P.O. boxes, not to specific states, etc.)?

Our Delivery partners offer Contactless delivery. However, they are not allowed to go inside the condo/Apartment Buildings. Please Share the delivery contact number for our delivery partners to inform you a day prior to the delivery. Be ready to collect it at the time of delivery.

Anything else that would be material to a customer when placing an order?

After you have placed an order please give 5 days lead time to process the order.